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Exploring Cognitive Styles: How Psi Researchers and Skeptics Think Alike

A recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology offers intriguing insights into the cognitive st...Read More

Psi Book Club Meeting July 2024

Join us for the upcoming meeting of the Psi Book Club on July 9th at 7:30pm (Eastern) as we dive int...Read More

Invisible Forces: Paranormal Beliefs and Substance Abuse

College students who feel stigmatized about their paranormal beliefs are more likely to abuse substa...Read More

Sámi Hauntings and Resisting Colonization

Haunting stories and the oral tradition around them provide a way for the Sámi people to challenge d...Read More

The Rainbow Bridge and the Animal Afterlife

Have you ever wondered what happens to your pets after they die? Do they go to heaven or some other ...Read More

A Study of Divination Practices Among Traditional Dagbon Communities in Ghana

A study conducted in Ghana provides critical insight into how divination is combined with traditiona...Read More

“Haunted Houses” Remain Scientific Mysteries

Here’s a little-known factoid to share during the upcoming Halloween season — haunted houses are a s...Read More

Encountering the Other: An Analysis of DMT Experiences

As psychedelic research makes headlines in premier medical journals and mainstream media across the ...Read More

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