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    About Me

    Dr. C. M. Chantal Toporow

    Greetings all, First I wish to congratulate Annalisa and Ramses on this new project idea. It marries two of my favorite topics my love of Nature and all things anomalous, parapsychology and more ( all the other stuff in the SSE bucket, Society for Scientific Exploration) Having been a professor of environmental science and now teaching at the Rhine things like the power of Nature and evoking the Divine, I’m very happy to have joined the Climate Action group, and specifically, Michael Daw’s “Subtle Activism” group based on the book with the same title by David Nicol.

    Biography wise, full description can be found on LinkedIn.

    Dr. C.M. Chantal Toporow has extensive experience in scientific research, development, application & management of technology. While working at Hughes Aircraft EDSG, & recently degreed from UCLA Engineering, she immediately began teaching at UCLA teaching graduate engineering, then adding CSULB, & CSUN, and moving on to environmental courses at LMU, SMC & Otis Parsons School of Art and Design. Dr. Toporow has many publications in various fields of study. She retired from Northrop Grumman Space (TRW) where she developed innovative photovoltaic arrays for leading edge satellite technologies. Chantal had the pleasure of working on many exciting submarine, aircraft, spacecraft & other critical missions, at the highest levels of national security. She is now a full time interdisciplinary consultant keen on creative problem solving of complex infrastructures & is dedicated to helping visionary ideas come into fruition.
    Appointed by the Redondo Beach Mayor on the Green Task Force & Public Art Task Force, She is civically engaged to promote environmental sustainability & cultural richness in the community. She participated in first Charter Class of the Citizens Police Academy & in Leadership Redondo Program, seven Redondo Beach Commissions, chairing the Public Art Commission & lastly was on the Planning Commission.
    She is on non-profit Boards dedicated to the advancement of science, medicine, development of cultural aesthetics, & preservation of Nature. Dr Toporow is committed to promote scientific inquiry for rigorous exploration of anomalous phenomena, investigations of subtle energies in the experience of consciousness/human potential. Chantal is an accomplished artist, a devout organic gardener & practitioner of sustainability. Creative living through the nurture of Nature! She enjoys interdisciplinary ventures, and is committed to thinking globally & acting locally!



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