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    1 month ago

    The Columbus Scribbler Issue 8 features the following comic strip about the life (so far) of yours truly! Kudos to Jack Wallace for figuring out how to fit my complicated life into a 9 panel page and to Brent Bowman for illustrating. You may still be able to find the issue free at various places around town, or order a copy to be delivered to your home for $5:…/checkout/LE7SBVJ8JM7RS

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Annalisa Ventola

I'm an educator, researcher, and administrator in the field of parapsychology with a particular interest in public scholarship, science communication, and haunting, poltergeist, and out-of-body experiences. I am a Professional Member and Executive Director of the Parapsychological Association, Community Manager for the Society for Scientific Exploration, and the founder of Public Parapsychology, a blog and community website devoted to promoting public scholarship in the fields of parapsychology and anomalous psychology.



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