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  • Ya está disponible el video del panel del Centro de Investigación de la Sintergia y la Consciencia sobre “Parapsicología, Experiencias Extraordinarias y Teoría Sintérgica”, como parte de las actividades de la “Jornada de Exploración del Nuevo Paradigma: consciencia, realidad y transformación planetaria”:

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  • Congratulations to @jmossbridge for her publication in Aperture. Those of you who remember hearing Julia speak at our workshop about her work with remote viewers and climate scientists might be interested in reading the published article on page 44:


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    When the Truth is Out There

    Between one-third and one-half of the global population report having anomalous/exceptional experiences. Approximately half of them find the experiences distressing. This presents a clear need for mental health practitioners with specific training in listening constructively to these experiences. However,...

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  • Public Parapsychology Launches Three Initiatives for Climate Action

    In a series of volunteer-run events that took place between December 2021 and January 2022, the Public Parapsychology Community (PPC) provided a virtual space for academics and members of the public to explore the application of consciousness-based practices as...

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    • So exciting!! Thank you for this incredible work!

    • This is very cool! While I don’t have a lot of time to be involved overall – I’d like to volunteer that if one of the groups would be interested in having a group of remote viewers tune into/retrieve information about any related topics/goals of climate change that I’d be happy to set up/run such a project with either my advanced students or graduates or from my long list of professional remote viewers who are always looking for interesting and helpful projects to participate in. To date, remote viewers (operating in a blind capacity) and clairvoyants (operating more informed as to the project) have helped with a variety of projects stimulating new ideas and solutions and at least providing some clues). These have ranged from composing music to product development to insights into viruses’ and treatments. Even if the remote viewing data is just looked at as not providing definitive answers but as a means to stimulate creativity. So I’d be happy to run such a project if it contributed to the work of this group. Whoever was seeking this would just let me know what you were looking for and then I could recruit, work with the viewers and then deliver their input into a consolidated report that would be intended to serve as a document that could inform further projects, inquiries, end goals of your climate change project. This would also serve to demonstrate how remote viewing works. Further, we could have 3 groups working independently, it could be remote viewers working blind, clairvoyants working with the knowledge of the task at hand, and also even a group of mediums attempting to primarily work on a mediumship level to access information. These could all be kept separate in the ways they approach the topic and in the analysis of the work but then each group’s findings/insights could also be cross-referenced to find similarities. I run an intuitive school where we have all 3 groups learning and using very different modalities and then also work with many from other communities who trained with other instructors, so it would be easy to recruit and run the project, although time-consuming, to pull this together. Another option is to make it a joint project with the International Remote Viewing Association. I’m co-director of their new research unit with Dale Graff and I’m sure he would be interested in helping out on something like this. Actually, for that matter we could add a fourth group – ESP dreamers as well (we’ve got access to accomplished people in this area available too). We’d just need a really solid/directed research question/tasking as that would impact the entire course of the project in a major way. This would probably require the working groups here first to arrive at some questions and then I’d want to consult with some other remote viewing professionals like Paul Smith who specializes in RV project management, to ensure it was the best one to write into any tasking, whether undisclosed or disclosed. If interested let me know. 🙂 Debra

      • Thank you for your generous offer, Debra! I have passed this along to the project leaders of the three initiatives, and if they have a need, I will put you in touch!

    • Me too, Stan! Thanks for stopping by!

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About Me

Mark Boccuzzi

Researcher / Executive Director / Managing Editor

Mark Boccuzzi works at the intersection of applied parapsychology, cutting-edge technology, and interactive media. His goal is to normalize, optimize, and utilize psi experiences and abilities to create a more compassionate, sustainable, and interconnected world. Mark lives in Tucson, AZ, with his wife and research partner, Julie Beischel, PhD, and two rescue dogs, Toggle and Ada Grace. Learn more about his work at:

Hi! While my formal training is in computer science, I have had a longtime interest in the "paranormal." I kicked off my official entry into parapsychology in 2000 when I started investigating reports of hauntings around the San Francisco Bay area.

In 2005 I completed the Rhine Research Center's Summer Study Program in parapsychology.

In 2008 I cofounded, with my wife and research partner, Julie Beischel, PhD, the Windbridge Institute, where we currently work to normalize, optimize, and utilize psi. Our focus is on basic and applied parapsychological research within the areas of Mindfulness, Creativity, Intuition, Synchronicity, and Intention.

In 2017, Julie and I reorganized the Institute and founded the Windbridge Research Center, a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next by performing rigorous scientific research and sharing the results and other free, open-access educational materials. The Center also publishes a free, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies (TJICS). I am currently the Center's Executive Director and the Managing Editor of TJICS.

In 2019 I launched the Parapsychology and Psi Hacking Project, a local and online community effort to connect makers, artists, tech hackers, citizen scientists, seekers, entrepreneurs, etc., to the body of parapsychological research in an attempt to encourage the development of new tools, technologies, and experiences.

Today, I split my time between those three organizations. I recently had the pleasure of teaching classes (Art Through Psi and Intro to Parapsychology) at the Rhine Education Center. I'm currently a Professional Member of the Parapsychological Association and a Full Member of the Society for Scientific Exploration. My book Visualizing Intention: Art Informed by Science can be downloaded for free through Institute's website.



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