Psi & Sustainability

The Exploring Consciousness-Based Applications for Climate Action Workshop & Ideathon has closed. Three teams were formed: one team exploring “subtle activism” as a psi application, one carbon removal Xprize team, and a team working on a mobile app for collectively focusing intent. At this point, most of us are resting for the holidays, but looking forward to completing this series with a Collaborative Sprint on January 8th.

In the meantime, the excellent quality of the Workshop presentations surprised even us, and they are freely available at Public Parapsychology’s (new) YouTube channel:

Annalisa Ventola Climate Change: Identifying the Problem & How We Respond
Jack HunterGreening the Paranormal: An Introduction to the Ecology of Extraordinary Experience
Alex A. Álvarez Is Gaia Alive? Overcoming the Machine Conception of Life
Michael DawSubtle Activism: How Spiritual Actions such as Meditation Might Support Environmental Change
Mark Boccuzzi: Ethical Considerations of Applying Psi to Environmental Protection
Julia Mossbridge: Using Psi to Stimulate Scientific Collaboration and Creativity
Pascal Michael: Psi-chedelia and Interspecies Trans-communication
Mark Boccuzzi: Applying Non-Traditional Psi-based Technologies to Climate Change
Ramsés D’León: PPC Ideathon and Collaborative Sprint: From Wishful Thinking to Climate Action

Want to get in on the (climate) action? It may still be possible to join an existing team or start one of your own. Email for more information.

All who are interested, especially attendees of the event, are invited to continue the conversation at the Psi & Sustainability Group at Public Parapsychology after registering at the site with your free (or donation-supported) registration.

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