A Reboot & Mission Statement

Public Parapsychology is enjoying something of a reboot from its 2006 origins as a blog to a community website, which has occasioned the opportunity to get centered on a mission statement:

Public Parapsychology explores the art, technology, and science of various topics associated with exceptional experiences and phenomena collectively referred to as “psi.” This includes extrasensory perception, mind-matter interactions, and the survival of personality after bodily death.

It supports the discussion of parapsychological research in light of social values such as equality, justice, and freedom; ecological values such as global health and sustainability; and intellectual values through constructive dialogue with and among students, citizen scientists, professional researchers, diverse communities, and political and cultural leaders.

Its mission is to promote public scholarship by advancing parapsychological pursuits that inform and are informed by the public good; boosting the development and transfer of knowledge and technology; educating the public about what career scientists do; and listening to the public about what research needs to be done.

To that end, all are invited to join Public Parapsychology as we extend this mission through our forums, groups, and social network. Joining as a Supporter or a Patron will help us to keep this site ad free, but all content is open to the public and we aim to keep it that way.

Look forward to learning about Public Parapsychology-sponsored virtual events in the very near future.

Welcome back.

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