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    Michael Daw

    We are investigating whether there is a relationship between diet and success in an ESP task. This experiment involves precognition, the apparent ability to sense some future event.

    According to reports of cases in everyday life, ESP quite commonly occurs when someone is in a mild altered state of consciousness such as dreaming or drifting off to sleep.

    In our experiment, we attempt to simulate this by providing a relaxing environment, reducing external stimulation, and then asking people to sense a physical location that will be selected at random and only viewed after the experiment is over.

    Previous similar experiments have found evidence of above-chance performance. In the experiment you’ll be able to see how well the thoughts and images that occur to you match up with a location that you’ll only get to ‘visit’ in the future.

    The experiment is open to anyone over 18, and is taking place at the University of Northampton’s main campus in the UK (Waterside). The process lasts up to 90 minutes.

    If you’re interested to take part, please email me on michael.daw@northampton.ac.uk for more information.

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