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    Annalisa Ventola

    Hi BDB. The closest thing I can think of relating to this is Rex Stanford’s PMIR model. There’s more about it at the Psi Encyclopedia:

    Annalisa Ventola

    Hello there! I love how you concluded your message with “I am here not to get confirmation of these events. I am here to talk about the connection. To learn more about that connection. To communicate with others that may have similar experiences. And talk about how to foster that connection more efficiently and consistently.”

    That is what this site is about!

    Something that occurred to me as I was reading your message is that you might be enjoy a project that Dean Radin has been involved in at the Institute of Noetic Sciences called “Got Psi”:

    The site provides the opportunity to develop your abilities and contribute to research while essentially playing video games. Enjoy!

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